Are you on the hunt for Mazda cars for sale like the 2018 Mazda3 or the 2018 Mazda CX-5? If so, you simply have to head over to our convenient location to see the latest Mazda models.

Similarly, you should make an appointment with our Mazda service center near Cape Coral, FL whenever your vehicle needs service, even if you didn’t buy or lease your automobile from us. When they bring their cars to O’Brien Mazda of Fort Myers, a lot of motorists ask us to describe some of the signs that might indicate their engine may fail. No one wants to get stuck somewhere because their engine died so it’s important to know the indicators that signal your engine is in trouble and take action before your engine fails.

Here are some signs that might indicate your engine needs some attention from our factory-trained technicians:

  • You See Smoke: Sometimes, an engine will emit smoke to warn you that it’s experiencing problems. Smoke can come out of the front or back of a car with engine issues. In general, the smoke coming out of your tailpipe will often have a color to it, which might indicate what the underlying problem is. If the smoke is blue, it often means oil is escaping from your engine and it’s being burned with your fuel. If the smoke is white, it typically means condensation or antifreeze has mixed with your fuel supply.
  • You Hear Tapping or Popping: If you hear either of these sounds, you should be worried that early combustion might be causing damage that’s severe enough to result in engine failure.
  • Your Check Engine Light Is On: If your check engine light is on, it may be a sign your engine is getting ready to die, or it might indicate you have a minor problem with your engine. You can figure out which is the case and learn more about the signs of engine trouble by bringing your car into our Mazda service center.